Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunday Drive

I still Want a Cadillac !

The Man

The Big Day

Cherio's Boy Graduated pre school the other day & what did he want? He wanted Uncle J & Jansy to bring to Lowriders. Sooo.... Check out the shoes !

Aint She Pretty?

Goodbye my lil friend

I'm Back For More..

Well rhe Slow Lane just got a little lower & slower. As you can see from older posts, my good old brother Chopper Dan traded his Hillbilly ass stepside Chevy for a pretty clean S-10. Well I paid a visit to my brother, and after a 6 hrs. drive in my single cab pre-runner yota to Arizona. My back was feeling it..So we got to bullshit'n and I took a seat in my bro's truck & was remembering how nice Ex-cabs are, I made a 1/2 ass joke about trading him for my truck. Well a week after I got home the phone rings and it's Chopper Dan wanting to know if I would really trade him? You see my Smart brother bought a truck on bags and works off a dirt road that the S-10 cant get up. Dumb Ass!!! So as you can see, I now have a S-10 now..

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Boys will be Boys

Ernie can babysit for ya anytime !!

Pomona Sunday

Just hanging in the driveway @ Nates after signing "Pinks"

He knows he has a lot to look forward to when he gets older..BOY gets the Bikes, Sis gets the house

I think they would have put the clutch in faster than us all drunk as hell..
I love Cadillacs!!!

Dont know who owns it, but its a cool 54


Fastest thing I ever have driven.V10 twin turbo on NOS & a 6 speed trans

A few new ones

Picking up on dirty hookers, Randy & Danny on main st.

Aint afraid to drive that flathead

Its been a few years since Jansy has had a old ride.This was his 49 2 door a few years back

Nate's last run in the ol' 46..

Took a few years to ditch the Jap Bike Jay, Nickname

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Well 6 year ago when I bought a single wide home out in Needles Ca, did I ever think this shit was gonna happen. My Pop's & Brother already were staying in this little park on the water called Neilson's resort. They told me that a neighbor would give me this place cheap if I paid him cash. So after a lot of arguing with the owners of the park,explaining to them that I was not a Hell's Angel and that I would try and keep the screams & moan's from my wild Biker Orgy's I was gonna be having. (THANKS CHOPPER DAN) I gave the Neighbor guy a couple grand, and threw his ass out in the dirt... But a guy came in and bought the park changed the name, and a few little things here and there. Just remember this first picture,,



Remember That First Picture? Well fuckers I was standing in the same spot when I took that picture and the last picture in the new ones. from my front door !!! Ha Ha. Sometimes it pays to be a SCUMBAG